Monday, February 13, 2012

Annoucement Regarding MediaFire

- As some of you may have noticed all my links are missing, so I will give you guys a little heads up about this problem: MediaFire has just become a dick and removed all my files in my account without noticing! This is all fuked up! First I waited for MultiURL's service to be back, and now when they are back, MediaFire just fuked up and removed everything!
- Because of this, I decided not to use MediaFire as my hosting service anymore. From now on, I will use iFile instead. I don't want to re-upload everything to MediaFire and got removed again, if you have any problems downloading from iFile, fuk with it, I don't care!
- I will re-upload everything on this blog soon, maybe by the end of the month. Until then, this blog will serve as my "show-off" place.


  1. Glad to see that you are back!
    I loved this blog, always kept inform on new PSP releases~

  2. Thanks, But Maybe Ifile is a low downloading site, please consider some host like wupload or rapidshare, or please use again mediafire. Mediafire is the one of best site for parallel downloading. thanks karjn

  3. Why would I upload to MediaFire? So they would remove all my files again? Fuk no!

    I will not use Wupload since it limits speed for free users. And for Rapidshare, I will continue to use it as a downloading mirror beside iFile.

  4. I also have a file on mediafire links, but no one is deleted so far, maybe mediafire is cleaning or deleting some files base on name of the file, or how often download it or maybe user that exceed to much files.? not because sopa nor for new privacy policy. Try again create a new account in mediafire and don't use a obvious file name.

    Please Try again mediafire karjn. thanks. and if deleted again ,then say goodbye. :)

  5. MediaFire's not removing all files in all accounts. It just removed files in some certain accounts. Google it, it happened after January 24 this year and I'm not the only one, you can see there is no specific storage we had exceeded. MediaFire also doesn't limit storage for user. It's also not because of SOPA either, since that bill never passed.

    If you had downloaded my files in the past, you should already known I never named my rar files with the exact same names with the game or video. Like I said, there are too much problems with MediaFire. Beside all the violated files, they removed some of the files randomly without noticing, that's why there are some games with missing parts before.

    I will not upload any files to MediaFire again.

  6. Ok.. No problem with your decision, thanks for Continuing uploading psp games. oh i noticed KOD is now using mediafire, maybe you follow it on the FUTURE, :) Thanks Karjn for the time. I wait for your hakuouki demon of the fleeting blossom.

  7. I dont now whether iFile has a limited service or not, but i still recommended mediafire, if it remove your files again, then it god willing ( exactly is god SOPA & PIPA ). Hope you have courage to upload and show off again :)
    By the way, i am vietnamese like u to...

  8. Please back in Mediafire Karjn, Mediafire is the best site for downloading, Give another chance. please. :) thanks

  9. Best? Fuk with that best! It maybe the best for you guys, but to me it's a nightmare! I had to much headaches in the past about problems with MediaFire, corrupt files, missing files, unreliable severs. To hell with MediaFire!

    God will? I don't fuking believe in some guy whom I can't even see. My life, my fate, I fuking decide them all! Not any Gods! SOPA and PIPA are all dead, I don't fuking care about them. What I see before my eyes are that MediaFire removed all my files and that's it! I will not fuking use that fuking host anymore!

  10. Haven't use ifle before and I not recommend you back to MF (nightmare for uploader but paradise for downloader).
    But here some hosts I find out lately, you can see and consider them (good up and down speed, server not base in US, file keep for 280 days after last download and no delete for premium) (speed not so bad but unstable, limit 10gb - 50gb storage per account, file keep forever, server base in US....)

    Will update to you if found any good host.

  11. Or maybe you can use this