I/ How to Download and Extract Games:
- First is about Downloading, this is too simple so I will now talk about this. If you want a program that helps you Download faster you can google IDM, Orbit, Flashget, JDownloader, ... They are all programs I know for helping  with Downloading.
- Second is extracting a games after downloading all the parts. First you will need Winrar to extract it:

Link Download 3.80 Full Version: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jmayazhoxoz
 Pass: karjn

- All the games here use "karjn" with no capital as password to extract, except for Killzone, that time I used hako as a password for that game. If you have problems extracting like get an error about "Wrong Password" please make sure you type the correct password, especially Vietnamese keyboard, they always mess my name like this "kạn" so please make sure turn of Vietkey or Unikey with Vietnamese keyboard before you type the password.  
- If you get any errors like "CRC Errors" or "Wrong Password" even though you type the correct password, please see this section for help and how to fix it: Repair Files Section 

II/ What You Need to Play Games:
- You have to have a hacked PSP first in order to play games on your memory stick. I do not want to wtire a TUT how to hack it so you have to google it yourself.
- For PSP that have been hacked, you have to install CFW on your PSP as well. See this section for CFW: PSP Custom Firmwares 
- For people who want to play PSX on your PSP, please follow this guide: PSX Popsloaders
III/ Where to Put the Games: 
- After downloading and extracting a game, you will see an ISO or CSO file, you have to put it on your ISO folder on your memory stick:

- This is just a reminder, because Winrar even recognize ISO files so it will appear as a Winrar icon and sometime people misunderstand and extract it and get this: 

- When you see those files above, it means you have extracted the ISO file, just copy the file that you extracted before into ISO on your memory stick.

- For PSX and Homebrew game, you will get a folder with EBOOT.PBP file inside in stead of ISO or CSO, all you have to do copy the folder with EBOOT.PBP file inside into PSP/Game on your memory stick.

IV/ Reporting Dead Links:
- If you get dead links for any games in my blog, you can report it right into game's post and I will look at it.
- But before you decide to report, please make sure you do not get any misunderstanding between "real dead links" and "sever error on links."
- This is some errors from the sever, please know that it does not mean that file was deleted from the sever, it is just temporary unavailable:
 and sometime it even say "You do not have permission to download this file." So as I said, this is a sever error, and you have to wait for it to fix.

- And this is a "real dead link":
- So, please make sure those thing before report.

- About MU and RS links, I will not re-upload those links if they got deleted, I just want you to know that.