Repair Files

- As your know, MediaFire is a free hosting website, and because it is free it also gaives you some fuking stupid errors. And in this section, I will talk about Corrupted Files after downloading from MediaFire and how to fix it. 
- This is the message you usually get when your file is corrupt. Most of the time it will show CRC Errors with usual files, and if your file has password, it will say "Wrong Password" even though the password is correct and some people misunderstand this.

- This is not uploader's false, so do not blame on them, go and blame on MF - The hosting sever. I actually do not like this host but it is in high demand so I have to use it.
- Since it is still parts of uploader's responsible, I will give you guys some tutorial on how to fix those stupid errors.

First Way: Use QuickPar [Aplly for games which have a repair files]:
- Download Quickpar and then install it on your computer:
- If the game you downloaded has a repair file under the download links, please download that file also.
- Extract the repair files into one folder, after that put akk the parts of the games you downloaded into that folder as well.

- Then run QuickPar, choose Open and choose the file Par2 in the folder you put it above.

- After that, QuickPar will run and check if there are any errors. If there is any, it will appear as yellow like below:

- Then click on Repair button and wait till it is done, you will see the yellow part becomes green after fixing:

- Now you can extract your game and it should not be any problems. You can del all repair file after this, it will not be necessary anymore, or you can keep it if you like.
- If you are concerning where the corrupted parts go, go and check you "Recycle Bin."

Second Way: Use Tools/Repair in Winrar [Apply for games which do not have repair files or one-link games:
- This is pretty simple and I think some people already knew this.
- When compress the games, I also put recovery record into it, so if you have errors while extracting such as "CRC Erros" or "Wrong Password" please follow these steps to fix it:
+ Open the corrupted parts with Winrar.
+ Go to Tool/Repair archive [or press Alt + R]-> Choose where you want to put fixed parts after fixing -> [OK] -> ...Wait till it is done... -> [Close].
+ Now you will have a new part name "fixed.<game's name>".
+ Copy fixed parts after fixing into folder where you put the other parts. Delete the old corrupt parts, rename the fixed parts as same as the other parts.
+ Now you can extract your games without any problems.
*Note: In order to use this Repair function of Winrar, you must use a full version, you can find Winrar 3.80 full version with crack in FAQS Section.

Third Way: Re-Downloading the Corrupted Parts (Apply for games which do not have repair files and recover record):
- As the title above, re download the parts you get corrupt.
- The reason is while downloading the files, you may have bad respond from sever or your connection problems or downloading too much files at a time. So re download the corrupted files is the solution for this.

Fourth Way: The most fuking stupid badass way(Keep Broken Files):
- This is the way for games which do not have repair files or recovery record, and people are too laze to download it again.
- If you get a error when extract your games, you can tick on "Keep Broken Files" option like the picture below and extract it again:

- After tick on that box, you still can extract the games even though the error board appears, it does not mean that all the errors get away, it means that the files after extracting contains all the errors inside it.
- Because it has errors in it, some games can not even start when choosing this extract option.
- So like I said, this is the most fuking stupid badass way so do not use it. You can still use it if you want, but I do NOT recommend you to do it if you want a perfect game file and playing without any corruption.