I/ PSX and Popsloaders:
- What is PSX? And what is Popsloader? 
+ PSX: This is also know as PS [Playstation]. This is the first game system of PS family and some of you already know about this. As you know, when this game system came out, there were a lot of game company decided to make games for this system, all I can say is ... it is a lot and some of them are still being played right now.
+ Popsloader: What is this? This is like a crack for PSX Game, with this you can play PSX games on your PSP. Sound awesome right? But of course you have to convert your PSX game in to PBP format first before you play.

- At this time there are two kinds of PSX game:
+ First is PSX games which are sold on PSN [Playstation Network] and you have to pay for them, but you do not need Popsloader to play those games.
+ Second is PSX games which is converted by yourself or somebody else, and you will need Popsloader to play this.

II/ Popsloaders Download:
- Make sure you download the right version of popsloader for your current CFW.

Popsloader For CFW 5.50 GEN
Pass unrar: karjn

Popsloader For 5.03 MHU/GEN
Pass unrar: karjn

Popsloader For CFW 5.00M33
Pass unrar: karjn

Popsloader For CFW 3.80 M33 AND 3.90 M33 AND 4.01 M33
Pass unrar: karjn

Popsloader For CFW 3.71 M33
Pass unrar: karjn

- After downloading and extracting it, you will see a seplugins folder, copy it to the root of your memory stick.
- Turn on your PSP, go to Recovery Mode and then go to Plugins section, choose to Enable "Popsloader." [5.03 Popsloader doesn't have to do this step because I already enabled it for you guys.]

III/ How to play PSX Games:
- When you download a PSX Game and extract it, you will have a folder with "EBOOT.PBP" file inside [Some time you also have a "keys.bin" or "Document.DAT" file.] Copy the whole folder that contains all of those files in to PSP/Game on your memory stick. You can also create a folder and put them inside if you like, but it must be less than 30 characters and no special characters.
- The folder you copy to PSP/Game must be one like this:
+ ms0:/PSP/Game/Folder/EBOOT.PBP
- Like I said, you can change the folder's name but you have to follow the rule above.
- For games with more than one "EBOOT.PBP", I mean more than one-disc-games, you have to copy them like this:
+ ms0:/PSP/GAME/Disc 1/EBOOT
+ ms0:/PSP/GAME/Disc 2/EBOOT
+ ms0:/PSP/GAME/Disc 3/EBOOT 
+ ms0:/PSP/GAME/Disc 4/EBOOT  

- When you start your games for the first time this page will appear:
- That is a list of popsloaders for you choose to play your games and you have to choose the right popsloader for your game to play it without any errors. Most of the game can be played with "Original popsloader" but some of them do not, so you can see this page for more information about choosing popsloaders for your games: PSX_on_PSP_Compatibility_List  

- When you press "Home" button while you are playing you will see a menu like this:
Quit Game: Quit your game and return to XMB menu.

Controller Settings: Change your controller settings.

Memory Card Utility: This contains your save games, you can Delete or Copy them [Some old CFW does not have this option.]

Other settings:
+ Screen Mode: You can choose your screen mode here [Normal, Full, Wide.]
+ Black Level Adjustment: Change your screen brightness.
+ Volume Adjustment: Change your volumn option [Loud or low.]
+ Disk-Load Speed: Change the speed for disc loading, you can choose between Normal or Fast.

Software Manual: It contains DOCUMENT.DAT file, this is like a walkthrough for your game, you can pause and choose this to see where you should go next.

Reset Game: Reset your games while you are playing.

Change Disc: Change your game disc for games that have more than one disc like Final Fantasy.